Hey everyone!  Welcome to Paint Splatters and Money Matters!  I have been dreaming about starting this little blog for what seems like ages and I am so excited to finally be typing my first post!  Well my name is Jennifer and my husband and I have been living in our house for a couple of years now and it is a great house, but it could use a little help in the color department.  Our house is incredibly beige.  Cream/beige carpet, molding, cabinets, countertops, walls… you get the picture.  I know everyone out there is scratching their heads saying “Ok? It’s called paint.”  Well paint is in the cards for our house in many ways and that is going to come eventually (we have very tall ceilings and painting will involve renting scaffolds and such so it is kind of a big deal) but I have ideas for lots of other small projects to bring in color and a little personality to our home.  Here are a few “before” pictures to give you an idea of what we are dealing with.

The Living Room:

beige livingroom

beige livingroom

The Dining Room:

Main living area

Dining room

The Kitchen:


The Master Bedroom:

bedroom before

Bedroom before

Bedroom before

I really like having the freedom to change things up and move things around so it is important that all of my main staple pieces remain neutral.  One thing I would like to point out to other “neutral furniture” people is the fact that we have black furniture.  You can do that!  There are a lot of neutrals outside of your standard beige and tans.  Some of these neutrals include black, white, grey, and any metallic color so mix it up!

While these “before” pictures are not the most horrific images, they do capture the blandness of our situation.  I hope to use these pictures as a reference to how far we have come one day as we stumble through this journey of trial and error, happy (and not so happy) mistakes, the good, the bad and the beautiful moments of home improvement and DIY design!  Join me?


If you want to know a little more about me and this blog please see the “About” page above.